The healing alliance is a network where gay's healing was offered. Even if which store is used, service can be received like using one shop. And even if which store is used, the healing mile is added.
(It is possible to use it with as of July banyan tree/spa-o/mens aero/hideaway/huu. )
If the membership card can be presented in the store where it joins the healing alliance, the milage is added as for any store. A new joining can be made in the above-mentioned store. There are no initiation fee etc.

If the healing alliance joining store can be used, a common mile to any store is added.
Healing mile addition of 5%
The example: The healing mile of 900 yen can add when the course is used for 18.000 yen, and the next time 900 yen be discounted.


1 This card proves it is a member of the ceiling alliance.
2 This card can be used only for the member's self. It is not possible to transfer it.
3 Please present this card when you come to the shop. The privilege cannot be used when not presenting it.
4 This card can be used by all shops of the healing alliance.
5 The expiration date of the healing mile becomes two years from the last using day. The healing mile lapses when there is no use for two years.
6 This group doesn't carry about the lapse of the healing mile by illegal use such as the losses of the card and the thefts at all.
7 The content of the privilege of membership might change without a previous notice.