In the healing Arai Ann group, I raise motivated one.
Cannot you spend time having free effectively?
Because want to value one's hobby and study, is one a week rank; of the at the rate of say, and want to work part-time!
Though there is interest for a massage, is even a real beginner good?
I like contacting a person and want a visitor to please.
Because I stand, I want to make use of the qualification of the massage for improvement!
The one that has a feeling wanting to do, something.
As the healing Arai Ann staff, do not you make use of the thought?
I meet the feeling.


The store of it it recruits the massage staff.
Because there is an exclusive application form in each WEB site, please apply from that place.
All stores are beginner hearty welcome. Because there is the training of the massage technology, don't worry.


It recruits the office work of the company, the administration staff. This place becomes the fixed salary system.
Please apply for the one desired more than a form below. I teach the beginner from 1.


Please push the transmission of a message button after filling out all items.
An email arrives in reply. Please be careful to address mistakes.